[The correct way to make lemon and rock sugar]_How to do_How to do

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[The correct way to make lemon and rock sugar]_How to do_How to do

[The correct way to make lemon and rock sugar]_How to do_How to do

As a fashionable and beautiful woman, rock sugar lemonade is naturally indispensable when choosing a beauty drink. Rock sugar lemonade smells fragrant and sweet, so it can easily solve the problem of lemon being too edible due to being too acidic.If you mix it once and again, it will be a bit troublesome, so some people directly use the method of lemon and rock sugar brewing, which saves many steps, and the good effect of brewing lemon rock sugar water is better, so learn about lemon togetherThe right way to add rock sugar: Preparation materials: six lemons, 800 g rock sugar, two bottles of white vinegar 2.

Lemons are washed and dried, and the cutting board also needs to be dried without moisture3.

Lemon slices stand by 4.

Like this, a layer of lemon and a layer of rock sugar until the jar 5 is filled.

Pour in white vinegar, and the white vinegar must drown the lemon 6.

OK, the jar is sealed well, put in a cool place for two weeks, until the ice has been saccharified, you can take it out to drink, you can add honey according to personal preference.

What are the benefits of rock crystal lemonade? Drinking a glass of rock crystal lemonade on an empty stomach every morning has the effects of curing constipation, detoxifying and beauty, losing weight, refreshing, whitening, and preventing colds.

However, if a person with a bad gastrointestinal drink often drinks rock sugar lemonade on an empty stomach, they will be prone to nausea and other symptoms, and even suffer from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Therefore, people with a bad stomach are advised not to drink crystal lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. If you add rock sugar lemonade an hour before falling asleep at night, using the spots absorbed by your body at night, you can see the whitening effect the next day, while making your skin more delicate.

However, because rock sugar lemonade has a certain acidity, it is best not to sleep at night for people who are prone to cold stomach.

This group of people is recommended to be an hour after dinner.

Lemonade can hydrolyze skin, whiten skin, brighten skin tone, and help slim down.

Drinking lemonade can also prevent cardiovascular disease, because lemonade can reduce the role of calcium ions in interfering with blood coagulation, so it can prevent and assist the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Lemon water contains a large amount of citrate, which can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even reduce the number of stones in some patients with chronic kidney stones.

The research results published at the annual meeting of the American Urinary Society also show that regular drinking of lemon juice drinks can increase the level of citrate in the urine. This chemical can prevent the minerals in the urine from forming crystals in the kidney, namely kidney stones.